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Our Vision

For Greek Australians to have an email extension reflecting their cultural heritage that celebrates and preserves their roots, at the same time fostering a sense of identity, pride, and a connection with their Greek heritage. It's a digital badge of honour.

Our Mission

To Embrace cultural diversity through our digital landscape, celebrating our heritage's rich traditions. Connect, share, and communicate with pride, fostering unity while preserving our unique identity. Hellas is about empowering our Greek Heritage.

Our Change

This digital extension of our heritage, is akin to ancient Greek technology expansion: crafting modern communication tools, our legacy evolves, connecting past and present through innovation. Our technological adaptiveness continues through you digitally.

50 GB email PLAN
Paid Annually
  • 50 GB mailbox
  • messages up to 150 MB
  • Advanced security capabilities
  • Outlook integration
  • 99.9% Reliability
  • Access from anywhere
  • Microsoft 2FA
$3.84 Per Week
100 GB email PLAN
Paid Annually
  • 100 GB mailbox
  • messages up to 150 MB
  • Advanced security capabilities
  • Built-in data loss prevention
  • Outlook integration
  • 99.9% Reliability
  • Access from anywhere
$5.76 Per Week

First Come First Served

Usernames are purchased on a first come first served basis. On your Pre-Order FORM, you will nominate three (3) usernames and will be allocated what is presently available. You may then choose to purchase that username. You will be fully informed before you make the purchase.


Payment & Refunds

All email accounts are paid annually and must be paid within seven (7) days of the invoice being issued. Failure to pay within seven (7) days forfeits your right to buy that username. See Terms & Conditions for Full Information.


Names of Integrity

First, middle and last names, a mixture of both, a name and a number, a nickname, an alter ego or business name are all acceptable username requests. Any offensive, celebrity, racist, or discriminatory username will be rejected immediately.


Account Protection

Full protection is done with you mobile number and Microsoft's Authenticator for 2FA. Terms & Conditions for Full Information.


Secure discounted advertising space on the highly trafficked website. Elevate your business's visibility with exclusive product and service promotions tailored to your brand. This unique opportunity allows you to target your audience effectively, ensuring that your offerings stand out amidst the competition.

Email Marketing

Our terms and conditions stipulate that the only advertising emails you will receive are those paid for by advertisers on the Hellas website. This policy guarantees that you will exclusively receive promotional emails from advertisers who have invested in our platform, enhancing the value of our services and expanding members' outreach.


Using the @hellas domain for your email is an excellent choice because it reflects a strong connection to Greece, making it ideal for everyday use. It establishes top tier elite status and has directly targeted credibility, local relevance, and cultural affinity, enhancing communication and trust with Greek contacts.

MS365 Powered

All email accounts are hosted on Microsoft 365 Mail Exchange Servers, providing top-notch 2FA security and robust backup options. Professional solutions offer peace of mind and reliability for users.

Client Protection

All email accounts feature Microsoft's Authenticator that safeguards against theft and hacking. This ensures the utmost protection for your email address and account, making it virtually impossible for unauthorized access.

Cultural Integrity

Opting for the custom extension for your email offers cultural integrity by aligning your online identity with Greece. This choice demonstrates respect for Greek heritage and traditions, reflecting a commitment to cultural authenticity whether for personal or business purposes.

Yes you can. We don’t have any limits to how many you can own.

100% you can. She probably won’t stop hugging you, ohh wait Greek mums do that anyway 🙂

Greeks are particularly proud of their culture; they speak of their country with intense passion, expressing the feeling that Greek culture is a definition of their national and ethnic belonging. Having the email address extension, completes us.

Of course you can. Anyone living in Australia can buy a @hellas email address.

These email addresses will be published on the website for re-sale back to the public domain.

Yes you can. Most people who buy the 100GB plans are usually business related and store huge amounts of data.

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